Masonry Heaters :: High Efficiency Fireplaces

Ever wonder how to drastically cut your heating bill? Have you discovered that you can heat your home for 24 hours with just one 40 lb. stack of wood? Mastercraft Masonry has the answer.

Significantly slashing utility bills is one of the many reasons homeowners purchase a Masonry Heater. A family of five in Southwest Washington heats their entire 2,000 sq. ft. home and also heats their water with the fireplace - and spends just $70-80 on their monthly electric bill!

These high efficiency fireplaces consume much less cordwood in one heating season than a woodstove, and produce a short, yet powerful 1700 degree burn that significantly reduces emissions. The Masonry Heater begins emitting a slow, even radiant heat, lasting up to 24 hours after all combustion is complete.