Masonry Heater Professionals - MHA Certified

Mastercraft Masonry was established in 1974 by Stan Homola as a masonry contracting business, specializing in fireplaces. In the 1980's Stan was intrigued by a European concept of a masonry stove and built an early design of a Finnish contra-flow heater. After 25 years and over 100 Masonry Heaters built, Mastercraft Masonry offers a superior Masonry Heater core system that delivers high performance and is plenty durable to withstand decades of heating seasons.

Our design utilizes a replaceable firebox, the first area a Masonry Heater can exhibit problems. Mastercraft's firebox sidewalls use ports that feed secondary air in above fuel charge. Heat exchange channels, firebox floor, capping slabs, and bake ovens are shop built, using a dense castable refractory designed to take 3,000 degrees (F). An optional new air frame door surround enhances performance of burn, air-washes glass, eliminates typical heat stress problems at loading door area and solves the issue of using a smaller door with a larger firebox.

The standard core foot print dimensions are 42" wide by 23" deep. Firebox dimensions are 20" wide by 21" high to bottom of heat shield lintel. Typical footprint of finished heater including hearth and chimney is 6' wide by 4' deep by 7' high. Options include heated benches, water heating coils, and see-through fireboxes. Mastercraft can also install the Masonry Heater core by itself, with instructions for facing. Contact us for more details!

Mastercraft Masonry is a Certified Masonry Heater Installer by the Masonry Heater Association.