The World's Most Efficient Fireplaces!

Don't waste time and effort throwing wood into that empty black hole - the woodstove. Consider building a Mastercraft Masonry Heater! These amazing fireplaces can heat your home up to 48 hours from just a two hour fire!

How is that possible? The Masonry Heater uses a simple system that forces flue gases downward after it exits the firebox. This allows the masonry surrouding this contra-flow design to absorb much more heat than a traditional upward flue only. Smoke gases then exit via the chimney located off to the side.
A traditional fire lasts from 2-4 hours, and most of that heat is stored in the masonry mass, and since the Masonry Heater's intense burn is much hotter than a woodstove, the exhaust particulates are greatly reduced. The Masonry Heater is then shut down after all combustion has stopped, resulting in a cozy, radiant heat located in the center of your home.

Masonry Heaters require little maintenance with the proper burning of dry cordwood. A small amount of fly ash may accumulate in the channels over a year's time. This can simply be vacuumed when the unit is cold, often done when the heating season is over.

Masonry Heaters can be constructed with natural (real) stone as well as brick. The fuel source these fireplaces use comes from a fully sustainable resource - wood!

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