Masonry Heater FAQ

How much maintenance is required on Masonry Heaters?

Very little. If you're burning seasoned, dry firewood, the only maintenance is a chimney sweep / inspection every year or two. A small amount of ash may accumulate in the contraflow channels over a year's period, and can be cleaned out in the warmer months when the fireplace is not in use.

What price ranges do your Masonry Heaters fall into?

A Masonry Heater faced with a simple brick (no detail) will run about $13,000. This option uses an insulated metal chimney flues. A full masonry chimney can be built for an added cost. Using natural stone and/or adding detail work with the masonry face will add to that cost.

Can I burn natural gas or propane in a Masonry Heater?

No! Use only the correct fuel - dry, seasoned firewood. The Masonry Heater's contraflow channels can fill up with the vaporous gases and can explode the fireplace from within.

How dry does firewood have to be to burn efficiently?

Achieving 20% or less moisture content in your firewood is recommended to maximize the efficiency of your Masonry Heater and minimize creosote production. Do not burn wet wood, as this will create excessive creosote in the contraflow channels of the Masonry Heater and will eventually start "choking" the draft of the fireplace.

Are there any safety issues with using a Masonry Heater?

Mastercraft Masonry designs and installs our Masonry Heaters with sufficient drafting to prevent almost all smoke from entering into the home. As a safeguard, we recommend Masonry Heater owners to purchase a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector to protect against the silent gas from entering your home. Every fireplace owner should have one.

Masonry Heaters - when used properly - are a safe, gentle and efficient heat source!

How much money can a Masonry Heater owner save on his power bill?

We installed a Masonry Heater for a customer who had a larger family, and they opted for the water heating elements. They are saving approximately $100 a month in electricity costs!

Does a Masonry Heater fit into the sustainable living lifestyle?

Absolutely! Since no electricity or fossil fuels are used, and the Masonry Heater efficiently uses its 100% renewable resource fuel, Masonry Heaters are an excellent way for homeowners seeking a LEED certified home. Installing one can possibly gain you LEED credits!

Masonry Heaters can significantly reduce your dependence on the power grid when outfitted with either a baking oven or water heating elements!

Do you guys install soapstone fireplaces (Tulikivis)?

Yes, we have installed several of the smaller-scale soapstone fireplaces. Stan was in business with another company to import and sell the "Kivia" brand soapstone fireplaces - but soon got bought out by Tulikivi Corp., of Finland.

If you have one of these fireplaces we can give you a quote on a professional installation!

How do I get more information about Mastercraft's Masonry Heaters?

E-mail us!

Or give us a call at (360) 225-5699!